Incubator & start-up sponsorship programme

A culture of entrepreneurship

Our mentoring programme fosters innovative international and French start-ups in the Pays de la Loire region. This business incubator provides entrepreneurs with an ideal environment to nurture a commercial project into a living, breathing business.

By sharing the resources of three business schools with outstanding research capabilities – Audencia Business School, the École Centrale de Nantes and the Nantes École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture – the Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes Incubator allows a start-up to:

  • Bring its value proposition and business model to fruition
  • Develop the ecosystem of the project and its creators
  • Achieve initial commercial success and raise awareness
  • Accelerate the development and growth of newly formed businesses

Key information

  • Language: French and English
  • Duration: 1-3 years
  • Eligibility: open to students, graduates and all faculty members and staff of Audencia, Centrale, or ensa Nantes looking to start a business in the Pays de Loire Region
  • Start: 3-4 intakes per year; contact us for details
  • Costs: No charge for founding members
  • Location: Audencia Business School (Nantes, France)


  • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the students, alumni and faculty members of the Central-Audencia-ensa Nantes Alliance
  • Providing the most favourable conditions in which to launch entrepreneurial and innovative ventures
  • Supporting the originators of start-ups as they bring projects to fruition – including the project creators, entrepreneurs and team leaders
  • Leveraging projects by using the powerful entrepreneurial infrastructure of all three schools of the Alliance
  • Creating a dynamic community dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurial development in the region


Here at the Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes Incubator, we have over 10 years of expertise and experience in working alongside start-up projects. Our approach is well-recognised in the region and beyond. Furthermore, we have the ability to link project development with the degree programmes and research conducted by the three schools.


  • 100+ projects mentored
  • 60+ businesses created, of which 55+ are still trading
  • 200+ jobs created
  • 21,000+ alumni in the Audencia network alone

What we offer

Our business incubator offers start-ups access to respected experts to bring a project to fruition. As a founder, you’ll have the support of accomplished faculty members in three business institutions, in addition to the assistance of external experts from the professional world. Learn more about Audencia faculty members.

Start-ups received high-quality and well-structured mentoring from a network of experts, a consultant coach and training sessions. There are also many opportunities to connect with other business creators.

Incubated projects receive logistical help as well as assistance in managing resources: workspaces, meeting rooms, databases and more.

Joining the Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes Incubator means effectively becoming part of a tightly-knit community of dynamic entrepreneurs – many of whom go on to do great things.

Incubated projets
10-Vins 10-Vins


The Nespresso of Wine

Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels

Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels


Creating the next generation of transportation vessels; setting new standards in fuel efficiency, speed and robustnes.

Developing ground-breaking technology to control and boost the power of plasma-cutting devices, with cutting sheet metals as the first applicatio.

Linkedin profile




The first choice for seniors to design their homes in a customised and innovative way.




Bee Healthcare Bee Healthcare

Bee Healthcare


A ground-breaking medical device that automates the processes of taking blood or inserting a catheter

Big Banana Radio Big Banana Radio

Big Banana Radio


The radio station guaranteed to make you grin.

Creating natural and exotic soft drinks made from pure fruit juice with an infusion of hibiscus.

Chooka Chooka



An online store offering a huge choice of vintage and antique furniture, fixtures and fittings for the home.

Collector Chic Collector Chic

Collector Chic





Giving you a surfing experience like no other by transforming private houses into hostels that make you feel right at home.

Guest App Guest App

Guest App


Online reputation management for hotel owners.

Design and distribution of Goji "smart jewellery", which adapts to your mood, style and surroundings.

Hi! Hi!



Artisans and sourcers of organic skincare for men.




Humaid Humaid



Offering help directly to people in need by means of crowd funding.




Marine energy engineering.

The easiest way for a live-streamer to reach a wider audience.

Kapsuli Kapsuli



Allowing you to organise a private or professional get-together in offbeat locations – in just a few clicks.

L’effête Papillonne L’effête Papillonne

L’effête Papillonne


MLM Communication MLM Communication

MLM Communication


A communication agency located in Ancenis Mauges, providing free monthly online and paper magazines.

SportinTown SportinTown



Helping you simplify your event planning and get as many guests as possible for a sports experience they’ve never had before.

Mapping the skill sets of your employees.

Talentroc Solutions Talentroc Solutions

Talentroc Solutions


Selling fine cheese, wine and charcuterie online.

Tentation Fromage Tentation Fromage

Tentation Fromage





Provider of specialised e-Health solutions using big data.

Vel’Co Vel’Co



Tracking protection for your bike.

Offering tailor-made solutions to help you manage your financial affairs in a collaborative and long-lasting way.

We Do Good We Do Good

We Do Good



  • Open to students, graduates and all faculty members and staff of Audencia, Centrale or ensa Nantes
  • Must be new project with defined value proposition
  • Must be looking to start a business in the Pays de Loire Region
  • Working proficiency in French and/or English

We’re here to help you through the process and make sure you find the right fit for your project. You’ll apply in three simple steps.

Send us a short description of your project, including your value proposition, team, project maturity and expectations. Contact us now.

Refine your pitch and align your plan with our selection criteria: innovativeness, maturity of the project (team, offer, market study), willingness to establish the venture in Pays de Loire, readiness to be challenged and ability to pivot.

The selection committee meets roughly four times per year. During your appearance, you’ll present your business plan and have an interview with business creation specialists and representatives of the Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes Alliance.

Note: Allow a minimum of three months to elapse between initial contact and appearing before the committee. Contact us for information on intake periods.